Thunder Bay's Sleeping Giant Brewing Company has earned friends in very high places.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has shown his allegiance to a Sleeping Giant brew through a photograph released via Trudeau's social media accounts on Father's Day.

In the photo, the Prime Minister is wearing a Northern Logger T-shirt while on a hike with his children.

Sleeping Giant has decided to take advantage of this unexpected publicity to help a local charity.

The brewery has partnered with the Boys and Girls Club of Thunder Bay, and for the next two weeks, all proceeds from the sale of Northern Logger shirts will go to the Boys and Girls Club of Thunder Bay.

"We chose the Boys and Girls Club because, although they are a local charity, they have national recognition," Pearson said. "Every community has, and supports, their Boys and Girls Club. So we wanted someone that wanted to buy the shirt in Vancouver to be kind of familiar with the organization that they were going to be donating to."

Those interested in obtaining a Northern Logger shirt can do so by e-mailing

"They e-mail their size and their address, and they'll be contacted about payment," Pearson said.

The shirts are $20, and shipping is included.

Photograph exposed 'human side' of PM

Pearson said Trudeau had expressed interest in visiting the brewery during a recent stop in Thunder Bay. The PM himself was unable to make it in the end, but a representative did. That's how the T-shirt ended up in Trudeau's hands.

Pearson said seeing Trudeau in an informal - and branded - T-shirt was refreshing.

"I think things like this making politics more accessible is a huge step in the right direction," he said. "If it's embracing or exposing a human side of a leader, I think that's great."