A Caribbean resort refutes allegations by two Thunder Bay women, who say they were assaulted there during a recent vacation.

CBC has agreed not to identify the women because of the nature of the alleged crime.

A warning: this story contains some graphic descriptions.

The two women arrived at a resort in the Dominican Republic on New Year's Day.

On their third night there, they say two hotel workers forced their way into the room while one of them was in the shower.

"They came in the bathroom and dragged me, naked, out of the shower, and threw me on the bed," said one of the women.

"And they dragged [the other woman] ... into the bathroom, and I could just hear her screaming to get off of her. And she was just screaming, 'No, no, no,' so then I ran out to the balcony for help." 

The women say the men then ran off. They say the reported the alleged incident, and the next few days were uneventful.

Hotel denies allegations

But on their last night, they say someone tried to get into their room.

"We heard our door open. We didn't hear a knock or anything, or anyone saying it was even security at first. They just tried opening our door," said one of the women.

"Then we got a phone call, saying that security was outside our door, and we had to open the door."

The women say they ran to the balcony, and a security guard outside fired a gun at them.

In an email statement sent to CBC News, the hotel's manager says the company "expressly and strongly denies" the version of the story published in media reports.

Hotel officials say they conducted their own investigation, and found no evidence that the events described actually occurred.

CBC News could not substantiate any of the women's allegations.

Local tourist police said they were called to the hotel the night of the second alleged incident, but it was for a noise complaint.

The Department of Foreign Affairs said it's aware of the reports, and is contacting local authorities.

The women said the RCMP interviewed them Tuesday afternoon.