Work at the condominiums along Thunder Bay's waterfront continues to progress β€” but the hotel is not moving along at quite the same pace.

The two condo buildings now have some of their structures completed, while the hotel remains as a concrete foundation.

Thunder Bay's manager of Development Services said the condos could be completed before the hotel.

"There was a requirement that the hotel commence at the same time or ahead of the condominiums. And, it has,” Mark Smith said.

β€œIt meant that they had to do a considerable amount of work with respect to the foundation of the hotel, and they have."

The developer has until 2017 to have the hotel and condos fully constructed.

Last May, the developer predicted people would be able to move into the condominiums in August.

Developer Gisele MacDonald of the ReSolve Group did not return CBC News calls about the story.

Smith noted the city and developer have monthly meetings, and everything is on track. He said he was unsure when construction on the structure of the actual hotel would start, but said designs are in place.