Students at Nor'wester View Public School in Thunder Bay, Ont. enjoyed an exciting Friday afternoon after successfully completing their Terry Fox fundraiser.

This year, the students originally set a goal of $2,600 to be raised for the campaign, with an added challenge for a specific teacher if the goal was reached. In the end, the students not only reached their financial goal, but they surpassed it by over $1,000, with the final amount of $3,775 being raised for a good cause.

"And now it gets interesting for the students and a certain music teacher," said Janice Hill, a teacher at Nor'wester View Public School.

With the students successfully holding up their end of the bargain, it meant that music teacher Jon Hotson would have to cut off the long locks that he's been growing for the past six years.

"I think it was only four or five days after fundraising we hit the mark," Hotson said, and  "I was pretty excited for it —giving them this goal to aim for — we surpassed it quite nicely."

At the celebration assembly, Hotson was not the only person to be in the spotlight. Students cheered and clapped for Grade 5 student Jacy Bonazzo, who also decided to cut her hair for cancer near the beginning of the campaign. She said once she realized her hair was long enough to donate to make a wig, she wanted to cut if off for a good cause.

"I know cancer is a really, really hard thing to go through, and some of the stuff can make you lose your hair, which can really hurt people, so I just want to help out the most I can," said Bonazzo.

Hotson said, up until the school assembly, he had no idea Bonazzo had also completed the additional challenge.

"I was thrilled that Jacy just did that," Hotson continued, "especially for them, their hair is also quite valuable, it takes a long time to grow and when you're only 10 years old, that's half of your life time to grow it."  

At the end of the celebration, Hotson and Bonazzo both put their locks in a bag which will be donated to the Canadian Cancer Society.