Road stories: Images and stories from across northwestern Ontario

CBC Thunder Bay broadcasts to a vast region of Ontario - larger than some European countries!

Photos from Jeff Walters' eastbound trip

CBC Thunder Bay broadcasts to a vast region of Ontario - larger than some European countries!

When reporters in our station gets the chance to travel across our region, we jump at the chance, and speak with as many people as possible during our short stints to the town and cities across the northwest.

On September 19, Jeff Walters hit the road again to bring some unique northwestern Ontario stories.

He also stopped to take many pictures along the highways and bush roads of the region.

We still have many regional stories to share with you in the coming week, including:

  • A look at the Harte Gold's new mine near White River
  • Visiting the smallest Canadian Tire in Canada, in Nipigon
  • New hockey program for elementary school students in Nipigon
  • Natural gas coming to Lake Superior's North Shore

CBC Thunder Bay plans to be on the road in October, heading west of Thunder Bay. If you have a story you would like to share, e-mail Jeff Walters at or find him on Twitter @jeffwalterscbc.