Thunder Bay residents have told city planners they want more development on the waterfront and denser housing in the urban areas of the city.

Those are key concerns being presented to city council as it looks at updates on the city’s official plan, which guides where offices, stores, restaurants and housing should be located. An updated version will be completed next year, but a series of open houses and feedback sessions brought forward two main themes: diversify and improve the waterfront and create denser development within the built-up areas of the city.

Planning manager Leslie McEachern said building more homes in infill lots and subdivisions makes sense when it comes to "intensification and making more effective use of lands that are already serviced with infrastructure."

McEachern said another goal for the updated plan will be to create more mixed-use areas where businesses and homes are built in the same area. Major intersections and how they can be better developed will also be looked at.

The public will have the opportunity to make final comments on the plan in the new year.