The federal broadcast regulator has awarded a licence for a new television service in the Thunder Bay area that will provide viewers with content over the internet.

A spokesperson for VMedia, which offers the service, said the online programming should appeal to communities where there are fewer choices.

"The farther we get away from the major markets, the more choice is appreciated by consumers," George Burger, a company director, said.

"Because the entertainment choices start to get very limited once you get past the major centres and I think that, in those markets, there will be a great appetite."

VMedia has been operating in the Greater Toronto and Kitchener-Waterloo areas for the last two years.

"We're able to provide TV services … via the internet through what's known as a closed loop, which means you can't go to our website and log in a password and access our content," Burger explained.

"You have to have our setup box, you have to be authenticated, and you can only access our programming through our setup box and directly from us."

The Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission approved the licence for Thunder Bay and some other Ontario centres last Thursday.