Thunder Bay police say their Super Bowl R.I.D.E. program scored one impaired driver, on Sunday night.

Officers said several of the drivers, stopped at the roadside check, asked why police would be out "when roads were so terrible" due to the falling snow, and plunging temperatures, police explained in a written release Monday. 

Police said one officer was asked, "Who would be stupid enough to drive drunk tonight?"

The officer pointed to a truck that was being hoisted onto a tow truck and noted the driver was on his way to the police station to be tested, police said.

According to police, when asked if he'd been drinking, the driver mentioned he had consumed three beers, but forgot to mention the one that he had "on-the-go" and had just slipped into the inside of his jacket.

The male was charged with driving while having over 80 milligrams of alcohol in 100 millilitres of blood, and was issued with an immediate 90 day license suspension, police said.

Police noted in the release that it seems at least one person would have benefited from Helen Mirren's drunk driving message, which ran several times during the football game.