The Police Services Act hearing for Thunder Bay Police Sergeant James Mauro wrapped up Thursday with the announcement of the discipline he'll receive — a demotion.

Once again, Mauro was not in attendance when adjudicator Morris Elbers released his decision. It will see Mauro demoted to a first class constable for a one-year period, once he returns to work.

The adjudicator said the letter Mauro wrote — using a different name — showed his deceitful side, and that he will do what he can to get what he wants.


Thunder Bay Deputy Police Chief Andy Hay

Elbers said Mauro's actions undermined his honesty and integrity, and eroded trust in the Thunder Bay Police Service.

The adjudicator also said Mauro has a chip on his shoulder that's manifested towards the force.

Elbers said, given Mauro’s length of employment with the police service, he was surprised that no officers came to testify on his behalf. He was also surprised Mauro didn't show for any of the hearings.

Deputy Police Chief Andy Hay said there could be an investigation as to why Mauro didn't show up for any of the hearings. He added that Mauro is expected to be back to work shortly.