Thunder Bay Police closed off a neighbourhood Thursday night after issuing a warning about a wanted man considered armed and dangerous and thought to be in the area. 

Police spokesperson Chris Adams said police in Ontario, particularly in this region, have been on the lookout for the suspect from Minnesota wanted in a homicide dating back to Aug. 11.

A man that fit the description of the wanted man was spotted driving in a vehicle with a Minnesota license plate. Investigators then came across the vehicle parked on a city street so a containment area was set up in around Central Avenue and Riverside Drive.

"Erring on the side of caution, we threw out a public safety warning last night. In view of the fact that the male from Minnesota was wanted for homicide and probably armed and dangerous," said Adams, "Our officers then had to very carefully determine through...approaching the vehicle, the house, etc. and the individual to make sure it wasn't in fact that person." 

Lyle Hoffman wanted murder suspect from Minnesota

Lyle Hoffman is wanted in connection to a murder in Arden Hills, Minnesota. (Ramsey County Sheriff's Office)

It took a couple of hours to determine the man was not the wanted suspect and the vehicle was actually a rental with a Minnesota plate.

During that time, nearby residents were asked to stay indoors until advised otherwise by police and drivers were asked to avoid the area.

The man wanted from Minneapolis is Lyle Hoffman. He is described as being over 6 feet tall with green eyes, and short grey hair.

Police said no one should approach the individual if seen, but they should call police.