Thunder Bay police officers are sporting a new look in support of a province-wide anti-bullying campaign.

Members of the service will be wearing pink shirts as they visit various schools and community events this week to bring awareness to bullying prevention.

The Police Association of Ontario's "Pink is the new Blue" campaign jumps into high gear for the next few days.

Thunder Bay Police officers will be visiting local high schools on Nov. 17 during lunch to interact with students and encourage them to take "selfies" with the pink-shirted officers and share them on social media using the hashtag #lovethyselfie.

"Whether it is with children in Grades 6, 7 or 8, or with teenagers in high school, bullying can have a devastating impact on our child's social development," said Bruce Chapman, PAO president.

"As the voice of the province's police profession, we are excited that we can play a role in helping the public to understand what bullying is, what it is not, how to diffuse a potential situation and how to prevent it from escalating."