Thunder Bay police officer charged in weekend collision

A Thunder Bay traffic unit investigation has concluded that a police cruiser failed to stop at a red light before colliding with another vehicle last week.

Thunder Bay police have charged one of their officers with a red light violation under the Highway Traffic Act following a collision last week. 

A Thunder Bay police cruiser sustained significant damage in a collision Friday evening, according to a police news release. (Supplied)

A police cruiser was travelling south on Waterloo Street at about 9:30 p.m.last Friday when it collided with a compact sedan in the intersection at Victoria Avenue. 

Police said the officer was on his way to a suspected robbery at a Mac's convenience store on Syndicate Avenue South.

They said the officer and a civilian who was in the cruiser on an authorized ride-along, as well as the driver of the sedan, suffered minor injuries. Both vehicles sustained "significant" damage.  

On Wednesday afternoon, police announced that the traffic unit had completed its investigation of the collision. The investigation showed that the cruiser had its emergency lights and siren on, but the driver failed to stop at a red light.

In a news release, police included the section of the Ontario Highway Traffic Act that says emergency vehicles are allowed to proceed through a red light, but the driver must first stop and check that it is safe to do so.     


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