Following the success of other arts and culture projects such as the famous Humans of New York website, a Thunder Bay teenager is hoping to show what the city is all about with her Thunder Bay People Project.

Madison Ranta, who is about to enter her final year of high school, said she started the online photo project because she wanted to "showcase the diversity and creativity" of the people of Thunder Bay.

“I thought because Thunder Bay is such an interesting city with such unique residents I thought if I could showcase members of the population by taking a snapshot, not only of their physical person but also of their minds and personalities, I might be able to create something really interesting,” Ranta told CBC’s Superior Morning.

Madison Ranta

Madison Ranta launched the Thunder Bay People Project on July 13 and has already amassed over 30 entries in an effort to celebrate the city's unique residents. (CBC)

Ranta recruited friends to help her with the project, which involves going to public places and events, and asking people to pose for a photo.

Participants are given a list of questions and once they have chosen their favourite question from the list, they write their answer on a chalkboard and pose holding that board.

Ranta said what she finds most interesting about the project is that despite the many differences among the city's diverse population, city residents ultimately have more in common than not.

"It's interesting to see how different people will answer the same question," Ranta said. "No matter their age, people always seem to be thankful for the same things: family, basic human rights such as respect and peace."

The project launched in July and Ranta has already gathered more than 30 photos for the Thunder Bay People Project Facebook page. In September she plans to collect more at the Superior Youth Festival.

Tonight, Ranta will be setting up for Summer in the Parks at Marina Park.