Drivers in Thunder Bay face a tough time trying to sort out where traffic lanes are supposed to be, as repeated plowing and salting this winter has removed virtually all the painted lane markings on sections of Fort William Road and other streets.

Roads Manager Brad Adams said the city now uses environmentally-safe paint. He said it's just as durable as previous solvent-based products, but they continue to keep an eye on what's on the market.

“We're always looking at different products that might … wear better through the winter season,” he said.

“And again, it depends on the winter season. We had an extraordinary winter … season this year. There's a lot of side effects from that.”

On busy streets like Fort William Road near Intercity, pavement markings that divide traffic lanes have completely disappeared.

Adams said re-painting of lane markings will begin after spring road-sweeping is finished.

“We'll go out and sweep the streets first to make sure was can put down the material and not paint over the winter control sand that's still on the roads.”

He said he hopes to have crews out re-painting worn-out lane markers in the next week or two.

In the meantime, Adams said there are no traffic safety concerns due to the paint wearing out.

“Most of the time we'll have locations where there is some sort of marking still left over, so there might be an intermittent spot that might be bare,” he said.

“But typically we have spots where there [are] still markings where people can visually see where the lane line is."