Sunday‚Äôs snowstorm didn't stop crowds from getting to the annual Outdoor Show in Thunder Bay.

Organizer Nancy Milani said about 15,000 people attended the event held Feb. 24-26, at the sports dome on the city's CLE Grounds.

That's more than ever before in the show's eight-year history.

Milani said people are also coming from further away.


The show has attracted visitors from across the region and from the U.S. (Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce)

"In terms of exhibitors ... we have a number up from (the) United States," Milani said. "And we have a lot from east of here.  Nipigon is here, Red Rock is here, Marathon is here, [and] Terrace Bay.  So there's a number of those areas that are promoting ... the outdoors in their area as well."

Milani says the Outdoor Show has expanded beyond a hunting and fishing event. It now showcases other outdoor sports, tourism and art.

Terrace Bay resident Joe Kostecki, who sells fishing gear at the event, has noticed how much more regional the show has become.

"People are from all over the northwest here," Kostecki said. "There was one guy here from Atikokan the other day.  And there was a guy down from Sault Ste Marie that was in here that bought jig flies off me."