Hockey players and skaters in Thunder Bay, Ont. will soon be able to enjoy the number of outdoor rinks available in our city.

City's park manager, Cory Halvorsen said the recent cold weather and last week's winter storm means staff have already started flooding the outdoor pads.

He said the goal is to have all city rinks opened by Christmas.

"We don't have a full time staff on site yet," Halvorsen said, so "they'll be starting this weekend, so at that point...the supervised site will have their staff and we are working to build up the ice levels."

He said the city has had to hold off on flooding the rinks this year until after the warm spell earlier this month. Coupled with the amount of snow northwestern Ontario received in the middle of December, Halvorsen said flooding was slowed down as crews had to clear the rink areas first.

A detailed list of all the outdoor rinks in Thunder Bay is available on the city's website.