Three young men from Thunder Bay returned from a music festival last week in Minnesota with some injuries.

Police in Detroit Lakes told CBC News that early Thursday morning, a man from North Dakota was running around discharging an electronic stun gun at the "WE Fest" country music festival.

Becker County Sheriff Kelly Shannon said the Thunder Bay men — aged 19 to 21 — tried to take matters into their own hands.

Kelly Shannon

Becker County Sheriff Kelly Shannon. (Supplied)

"Later on in the evening then, there was three individuals that went over there and confronted him,” he said.

“They got in an argument and a couple of those individuals were tased. Also earlier, the fight took place and the suspect then took out a knife."

The three were slashed across their arms and shoulders, Shannon said.

The Thunder Bay men “were transported by ambulance into our emergency room here in Detroit Lakes and they received stitches and then were released,” he said.

"The individual was apprehended that night, was placed in custody, appeared in court that Friday morning...and he was charged with fifth degree assault."

Alcohol was a factor in the incident, Shannon added.