Some homeowners in rural areas of Thunder Bay may soon have to find new ways to get water when their wells run dry.

According to the city, about 90 properties not connected to the municipal water supply receive subsidized water deliveries.

But city staff will soon ask council to put a stop to that, as the city is only supposed to deliver water in emergency situations.

Environmental division manager Kerri Marshall says it costs the city about $100 to haul a tank load of water — and some people with private wells are getting subsidized deliveries on a regular basis.

“There are a number of water hauling companies that can deliver water,” she said.

“And we also have two residential water fill stations where residents can go and fill their own water containers."

Marshall said the city subsidized more than 500 deliveries in 2012 — most of which took place in the Neebing and McIntyre wards.

Lynda Rydholm

Thunder Bay city councillor Lynda Rydholm. (City of Thunder Bay)

The city councillor for the Neebing ward says most of the people with water issues in her area have dug deeper wells or use a nearby water fill station.

But Linda Rydholm said she knows of about 16 homes still getting deliveries.

“We have to ensure that those folks will be able to get water and be able to get it at an affordable price,” she said.

City staff were originally scheduled to present their water recommendation to council next week, but the presentation has been delayed until December.