A hotel scheduled to open in Thunder Bay last November has hit a delay.

The website for the Marriott TownPlace Suites on the Harbour Expressway says the hotel will now open in February.


A photo of the Marriott TownePlace Suites under construction in September 2013, located on Thunder Bay's Harbour Expressway. (Nicole Ireland/CBC)

The hotel has not applied for an occupancy permit, which is needed for people to stay the night, said Alyn Bygate, supervisor of building inspectors in the city.

"There is a bit of a concern...because of some cracking that was occurring on the floors,” he said.

“They certainly have engineers looking at that."

thunder bay marriott towne place suites

Concept drawing of the finished Marriott TownePlace Suites in Thunder Bay. The hotel's opening has been delayed until February. (Marriott)

Bygate said the permit is a final check of the building's safety systems, finishing, and structural components. He said he expects to complete that inspection soon.

"When it comes to occupancy with any buildings that we deal with, we look at a lot of aspects of the building, including safety elements, the degree of finishing in the building, sprinkler systems [and] the structural components of the building."