Thunder Bay Police Chief J.P. Levesque was called to the stand Thursday afternoon as the defence's first witness in the chief's trial on charges of breach of trust and obstruction of justice.

Levesque was charged by Ontario Provincial Police in May.

The fourth day of the trial, scheduled to last two weeks, started on Thursday morning with the defence and Crown counsel discussing actual times and dates that are relevant to the case.

In addition, lawyers spoke to the judge about the admissibility of some evidence, particularly statements made by acting police chief Don Lewis while under cross-examination, responding to questions by the defence about Levesque's character.

The Crown argued the line of questioning was not allowed and that the defence was looking for a legal opinion from Lewis, while the defence countered that the questions were carefully crafted to establish Levesque's character. When court resumed Thursday afternoon, the judge ruled some testimony surrounding Levesque's personality and ability to commit a crime was inadmissible.

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