A Thunder Bay man received the chance Wednesday afternoon to thank the person who likely saved his life.

Ron Christiansen was stranded in his car in sub-zero temperatures for more than 24 hours last month while suffering from a suspected heart attack.


At a ceremony in Thunder Bay Wednesday, Ron Christiansen (right) thanks Ted Post for saving his life about a month ago. Christiansen was stranded in his car after suffering from a heart attack. (Matt Prokopchuk/CBC )

Ted Post, the chief of the east Gorham volunteer fire department,  found him while off-duty, called 9-1-1 and performed first aid.

"He was struggling, he was trying to get up, he was hardly talking, he was mumbling to me," Post said.

"You could tell he was very happy to see me [and] help was here."

Post said he relied on his training.

"I couldn't imagine what the pain he was feeling ... if he was feeling pain at that time, just from the cold," he said.

"I think you have to set aside your feelings and emotions and you have to just basically work with everything that you know and bring it all together."

Christiansen continues to recover from severe frostbite to his hands and feet from that ordeal.

Post added, "knowing the fact that you saved somebody's life ... is pretty powerful."

His efforts were recognized during a ceremony at the Polish Legion on Wednesday afternoon.