It's been a dozen years since elk were reintroduced to Ontario.

In the Bancroft-North Hastings area, the herd has grown so large it has created conflicts with farmers.

The Ministry of Natural Resources has gone so far as to allow controlled hunts in the area.

A Thunder Bay group, though, wants some of those elk sent north.

Terry Olsen heads an elk restoration committee in Thunder Bay. His group monitors an elk herd located in northwestern Ontario.

Olsen says it has struggled with predation and has just a few dozen animals. By contrast, the Bancroft herd numbers about 500.

"We have been talking about another release site, maybe around the Thunder Bay-Atikokan area," Olsen said. "So maybe we can have another gene pool involved."

Mark Ryckman, a biologist with the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters, warns that any movement of elk can spread chronic wasting disease.

"Even though they haven't found any CWD or bovine [tuberculosis] in any of our elk herds in Ontario, that is one of the main concerns with moving animals across the landscape now days," Ryckman said.

Olsen, though, is not ready to give up his dream of moving more elk north.

He's lobbying hard to get the MNR on his side.

Olsen said he has made direct approaches to Natural Resources Minister Michael Gravelle about this issue.