Cycling falls under the spotlight this week in Thunder Bay, when the city officially opens bike lanes on Thursday, and a series of cycling initiatives are launched by community groups.

The city's active transportation co-ordinator Adam Krupper said there's been a shift in attitudes toward bike riding.

"The big change has been, people have gone from, ‘We don't want to see cyclists on the roads,’ to ‘All right, let's share the road safely, let's share the road smartly’,” he said.

Bus Shelter on Red River Rd in front of Eco Superior

On Monday the city will unveil a bus shelter designed for cyclists on Red River Road. (Gary Rinne/CBC)

Monday morning, a bus shelter designed for cyclists — including bike racks and a bike tire pump — will be unveiled on the city's north side.

The city is also launching what it calls "Super Week" on Monday, which will run until Saturday, May 3.

Super Week will also feature:

  • The unveiling of a community repair stand, the city's first public bike repair.
  • Public showing of videos about safe cycling.
  • The launch of a safe-cycling tool kit. The kit offers step-by-step instructions on how to create cycling programs in the community.
adam krupper

Thunder Bay active transportation co-ordinator Adam Krupper says the city has worked with 'its various partners' to improve cycling in the city. (Adam Burns/CBC)

"Super Week is really about promoting the super initiatives that are happening in the city related to biking,” Kupper said.

“Over the past year, the city of Thunder Bay and its various partners have been working on a whole bunch of really cool projects. So we thought, why don't we line up all of our announcements for one week, the week that bike lanes open, and really kick the season off with a really positive vibe"