A late start to the gardening season and tending to more public gardens this year have put the Thunder Bay crews responsible for planting them behind schedule.

Acting parks manager Werner Schwar says wet weather this year also slowed the tilling of beds that's required before the flowers are put in the ground. He noted all planting this year started about two weeks after it usually does.

“Well, it's something that can't really be predicted and, to some extent, it is what it is with the weather right? In some years, it's earlier and some years it's later and this year just happens to be one of those later years,” he said.

“It's just the reality of living where we do."

Schwar said the city parks division is responsible for several new beds and 30 new hanging baskets this year.

He said no additional staff have been hired to take care of the increased workload.

All planting should be done by the end of this week , Schwar said.