Members of the Fix-It Club at the 55-Plus Centre in Thunder Bay can once again use their shop.

The club was unable to use its space after a dispute with the city in September of last year.

The club's interim president said, after months of working with city administration, it was a visit from council that got the doors unlocked.

"If we hadn't been able to get city council to listen to our side of the story ... well, I don't know what would have happened after that,” Bud Sherlock said.

“But, that's in the past now, so, we're trying to really put this behind us."

Sherlock said the club is now insured and has six months to become a non-profit incorporated organization.

Once that happens, he said the group will then work with the city on a long-term agreement.

The fix-it club has about 60 members who mostly do furniture repair and other carpentry work. They also connect with charities and schools to collaborate on projects.