A Thunder Bay screw manufacturer has landed a big deal. GRK Fasteners has signed a contract with Home Depot that will see its products marketed across North America.

Boxes of screws with the GRK brand are being shipped out in time for sale at Home Depot, starting early next month.

Uli Walther, GRK's president, said the three-quarters of a million dollar deal has created some new jobs.


GRK Fasteners will fulfill its three-quarter million dollar contract with Home Depot with fasteners made at its Rosslyn Road plant. (grkfasteners.com)

"Since last November we expanded our jobs by about 20 per cent … that would be about eight new jobs," Walther said, adding that the company may have to hire even more workers for future contracts.

GRK manufactures the screws at a plant on Rosslyn Road.

Walther said the deal gives his company important exposure.

"It gives us, especially, access to the metro areas," he said. "We were more in the rural and suburban areas."

Before the Home Depot contract, GRK marketed its products mainly in independent stores.

Walther said the deal shows consumers and contractors want quality, building code-approved products, rather than cheap imports.