A group of cycling advocates in Thunder Bay is pushing for a protected bike lane along the Memorial Avenue/May Street corridor.

The route would run from John Street in the north to Miles Street in the south.

One of the people behind the campaign, Dean Stamler, said it's not just for existing cyclists.

"The goal of this project is to make it safe for anyone to ride a bike across the city,” he told CBC News.

“Thunder Bay could be a lot more beautiful if there were a lot less people thinking about getting everywhere in cars, quickly, and instead thinking about enjoying the city."

To that end, Stamler and some friends have started a petition to create a 5 km protected bike lane on Memorial and May.

It was a visit to Europe that showed Stamler the importance of designing cities for people — not cars.

"I would love to see, as my children grow up … Thunder Bay [become] a people-centric community,” he said. “I think we have so much potential for that here."

adam krupper

Thunder Bay active transportation co-ordinator Adam Krupper says the city already has an active transportation plan that doesn't include bike lanes on Memorial Avenue. (Adam Burns/CBC)

Thunder Bay's active transportation co-ordinator said it's good to see engaged citizens, but the city already has an active transportation plan — one that doesn't include bike lanes on Memorial.

“The Memorial Link is a great idea,” Adam Krupper said. “But how does it fit into other initiatives the city's trying to do?"

However, Stamler and his group hope to present a petition to city council on their project by the end of the year.

"I would like to see a way for people to cross the city, and to visit all the businesses along Memorial Avenue ... safely,” he said.

“I want people to be able to get around safely on bicycles."

See map of proposed bike route below:

memorial link

The proposed bike route would run along Memorial Avenue and May Street from John Street in Thunder Bay's north end, to Miles Street in the south end. (Facebook)