A historic building in Thunder Bay's north core has deteriorated so much it's now facing demolition — and a member of the Heritage Advisory Committee speculates that only the facade of the Lyceum Theatre may now be salvageable.

Built in 1909, the theatre once hosted travelling shows and later became a movie theatre.

Now the city's building division has ordered the Cumberland Street landmark demolished.


A split-picture of the former Lyceum Theatre in Thunder Bay, next to its current state of repair. (CBC)

Councillor Larry Hebert said the Heritage Committee would discuss the building’s fate at a meeting Wednesday evening.

"There's been some concerns … with leaking … going into other buildings," he said.

"But the main part of the building unfortunately has been destroyed.  Probably the best that can be done at this point in time is trying to save the façade," as it has several unique architectural features.  

Hebert says the Heritage Committee still has some time before demolition of the structure— which is owned by Mario Simonaitis — can happen. 

"A demolition permit — even if [a building] is just designated on the Heritage registry — has to take 60 days to go through a process with council," Hebert said.

CBC News attempted to contact Simonaitis for comment on Wednesday but was unable to reach him.