The recent controversy over the Canadian Lakehead Exhibition's boardroom bar raised questions about where the organization gets its funding.

Documents obtained by CBC News show the CLE is largely self-financed.

According to financial statements, most of the CLE's revenue comes from the annual summer fair, the five day event pulls in about $700, 000.

The CLE also receives a $5,000 annual grant from the province.

The exhibition reported losses in 2009 and 2010, recovered slightly in 2011 and then posted earnings of more than $150,000 last year.

In 1998 the CLE was given an interest-free $1.3 million loan by the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund. It also received $1.8 million as a conditional grant. The loan is still being paid off, and last year the government gave the CLE a multi-year extension.

As for the boardroom bar that's brought the CLE some notoriety of late, the financial statements don't make it clear how much that costs.