City administration in Thunder Bay will review the terms and conditions of the city's lease with the Canadian Lakehead Exhibition, after it learned more about issues regarding a private bar there that is always open to directors.

Coun. Joe Virdiramo, who also serves on the CLE board, said the review of the lease between the city and the CLE will be fairly standard.

"The lawyer is going to look at the lease agreement [and] see if the lease agreement complies with the bylaws and whatnot, if there are any issues that need to be addressed," he said.

"[It’s] just a general review to the issues that have been raised in public."


Thunder Bay councillor Ken Boshcoff (CBC)

'What is the issue?'

Coun. Ken Boshcoff said he wants to know what the major concern is about a board member having an alcoholic beverage after a board meeting in an adjoining boardroom.

"That's never been an issue of contention. It's legal," he said. "As long as we know that it's completely legal and, within all realms of society, acceptable."

Boshcoff said an accusation that board members had alcohol during board meetings is not true.

The former mayor also served on the CLE board in the mid 90s.

"There are also other members of council who have also been on the board," he said. "They validated our statement this afternoon … that during their term there were never any violations."

He said the concern over board members having a drink after a meeting is unwarranted.

"If people wanted to stay and have a beverage in another room, what is the issue?"