A Thunder Bay woman who defrauded a construction company of about $250,000 has been sentenced to 15 months in jail.

In Superior Court on Tuesday, Justice Bruce Fitzpatrick handed down the sentence to 39-year-old Kerri Wirkkunen after she was found guilty of fraud and theft over $5,000.

She had been employed by ABP Constructors as a bookkeeper. A spokesperson for the family said the fraud has been devastating to the family-owned the business.


Stephanie Feletto said the fraud has been devastating to the family business. (Gord Ellis/CBC)

"We haven't been able to speak about any of our testimonies or anything for the last three years," Stephanie Feletto said. "We have always looked like the bad person. I hope this changes that. Our family is strong and we are ready to move on."

Feletto said the contracting business is now closed. She also remarked that, despite the evidence, Kerri Wirkkunen never admitted her guilt in the case.