A 17-year-old Thunder Bay youth has been taken into custody in connection with three robberies of Mac's convenience stores.

Police arrested him around noon on Wednesday without incident. The teen faces three counts of robbery with a weapon, wearing a disguise with intent and breach of probation.

The incidents occurred on successive days, March 10-12.

Police spokesperson Chris Adams said detectives had been working with a list of possible suspects.

"(They) were able to narrow it down to an individual they thought really fit the bill in terms of being the right person," Adams said.  "In the course of just a few hours, as far as trying to locate and arrest this individual, (they) were able to find him actually walking on Simpson Street."

On Tuesday, police arrested three other underage youths in relation to another Mac's robbery. Adams said that out of eight Mac's robberies in Thunder Bay so far this year, police have now laid charges in connection with six of them.

"Some people don't realize how solvable a lot of these crimes are for police," Adams said. "And the fact of the matter is that we do have a high clearance rate."