The cost of logging onto the internet through Tbaytel went up Tuesday morning for residents of Thunder Bay.

The company raised its monthly rate for residential high-speed internet by $2.

That's an increase of a bit less than five per cent.

Dial-up internet users will pay a bigger increase of $4 dollars a month.

Some customers will also pay an extra $2 per month for home-phone service.

Tbaytel spokeswoman Kathleen Jones said that only applies to those with stand-alone, land-line service that doesn't include features like call display, or call waiting. 

That service isn't offered to new customers anymore, Jones said.   Two or three years ago, she said, Tbaytel started offering home-phone plans in which you pay for different packages that include a land line and different features, such as call display and call waiting.

Anyone on one of these home-phone plans won't see an increase, she said.

Jones said Tbaytel is constantly improving and expanding, which is why the company had to increase prices.

Even with the increases, she said, Tbaytel still has the least expensive stand-alone (unbundled) internet costs in Thunder Bay.