Police in Jamaica say they are continuing to investigate a cliff-diving accident that claimed the life of a Thunder Bay man.  

Taylor Rankin, 26, died Tuesday from injuries that occurred while he was with a group of friends jumping off seaside cliffs in the beach town of Negril. 

CBC News confirmed Rankin was from Thunder Bay based on conversations with people who knew him.

The Associated Press reports that the Royal Jamaican Constabulary believe he miscalculated the jump, aiming to land in the sea but instead hit some rocks.

Rankin was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

Canada's Department of Foreign Affairs has not confirmed details but issued a statement to CBC News saying Canadian consular officials are in contact with local authorities to gather additional information and are providing assistance to the family.

Negril is well known for cliff jumping and diving. Some tourist businesses built alongside rocky cliffs market themselves with images of revellers hurling themselves off big drops into crystal waters below.

A spokesperson for the Royal Jamaican Constabulary told CBC News on Thursday that there were no further updates on their investigation.

With files from The Associated Press