The Thunder Bay man who asked the city to cut down 11 tamarack trees near his home has withdrawn his request after facing a backlash, according to Northwood Coun. Mark Bentz.

The resident had complained that tamarack needles were damaging the roof of his house, plugging the gutters and damaging his vehicle.

City council voted 7-6 last week to cut down the trees, sparking criticism from councillors, city officials and arborists.

Bentz said the homeowner has faced a backlash since the vote and feels he’s being attacked.

'He's felt some pressure'

“He's felt some pressure from the community in terms of letters and people speaking to him directly, [as well as] columns in the newspaper, that he felt didn't accurately reflect his concerns,” Bentz said.

“He's basically wanted to distance himself from the issue.”

The homeowner originally complained about the trees to the city’s parks department. After it rejected his request to cut down the trees, he went to city council.

Following council’s approval — a decision that still needs to be ratified at its next meeting — some councillors were concerned that the case would set a precedent, forcing the city to cut down even more trees.

Current River Coun. Andrew Foulds asked city administrators to begin logging the number of similar complaints to see if there would be an increase in calls to the city for more trees to be cut down.

The cost to cut down and replant new trees behind the property would be about $8,500.

Council will reconsider the fate of the tamarack trees Monday night.