Thunder Bay Airport officials and security staff were on heightened alert for awhile Wednesday morning when a high-end sport utility vehicle was left with its engine running outside the airport terminal. The problem was they couldn't locate the driver. 

"An abandoned vehicle in front of the terminal building raises some significant security concerns given that there is a history of that being a threat to airports," said Scott McFadden, airport CEO.

McFadden said the SUV was eventually traced to a family that had left at the crack of dawn on a Westjet flight, headed for Orlando, Fla.  

"I guess we've seen that people can become a little flustered and maybe short of time when they arrive at the airport," McFadden said. "It leaves people to make some odd decisions from time to time … but this is definitely a new one for us.  I've never seen anything like this before."

When the family comes back from Florida, they'll find a parking ticket on the windshield of that SUV.