Support for Thunder Bay 'ongoing,' Premier Wynne says

Kathleen Wynne will talk about employment opportunities for youth when she stops by YES employment services this morning. And she'll get a tour of Resolute Forest Products later today.

Kathleen Wynne tours Thunder Bay, offers assurances of financial commitments to region

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne visited Thunder Bay on Thursday. She was accompanied by Liberal MPPs for the region Michael Gravelle (left) and Bill Mauro (right). (Jeff Walters/CBC)

During her first visit to Thunder Bay as Ontario’s Premier, Kathleen Wynne assured residents her government is there to support them.

The Premier first spoke with young people who are part of the province's Youth Jobs Strategy. Wynne highlighted how the provincial government is helping young people with entrepreneurship.

Although the NDP brought up youth employment as part of their budget talks, Wynne noted it was the Liberals who were already moving forward on a youth employment plan.

Not a ‘dead issue’

When asked about the Thunder Bay Generating Station, Wynne wouldn't say, however, if it will remain open. Instead, she said the energy needs of the north would be met — but she didn't specify how it would happen.

"This is an ongoing discussion," Wynne said.

"This is not a dead issue by any stretch of the imagination. We're still working with the community and the Ministry of Energy is very much engaged in this."

Flood victim support

When questions turned to topping up payments for flood relief victims, Wynne said she would make sure "people get what they're entitled to."

She wouldn't commit to whether or not the province would top up the money given to those hit hard by the flood, however.

"We committed to $17 million, and I was up within days of the emergency being declared. And, we stand by that commitment," she said.

"We'll continue to work with the community to make sure that we live up to those obligations. It's a process that's worked very well and, as I say, I think that the applications are still coming in, so we don't really know what the final number is going to be at this point."

Wynne also mentioned the province is still committed to the Ring of Fire, saying that major developments like these take time.

The Premier was to finish her tour of the city today with a visit to Resolute Forest Products.