In the aftermath of Thunder Bay’s epic flooding, students may have a difficult time finding a place to rent this fall.


Lakehead University's student housing already has a growing waiting list. (Nicole Ireland/CBC)

The director of off-campus housing for Lakehead University said this year there are fewer listings on the market, as many basement suites — once prime real estate for students — are still damaged from the May 28 flood.

"Some of the more affordable housing for the students, they're going to be at a premium," David Hare said.

"I believe some of them have been closed permanently. They haven't been finished being repaired, so I do believe the options are going to be somewhat lessened for our students."

There's a waiting list for residence at Lakehead and more students have been adding their names to it every day.


David Hare, the director of off-campus housing for Lakehead University, said student accommodations are going to be tight for some students this fall. (Nicole Ireland/CBC)

Hare said he expects some students may resort to buying a house with friends. Students may also resort to drastic measures, such as checking into motels in groups or sleeping in their cars, he noted.

"I do have a concern [about] the weather … it cools down [quickly]," he said.

"I'm not looking forward to October-November, if people haven't secured their housing yet [or]

if they're still living in their cars or at their camps or in trailers."