Campers and staff at Sleeping Giant Provincial Park made it out of the park last night.

A washout of Highway 587 had stranded a dozen staff and 8 campers at the park since Thursday morning.

Park superintendant Greg Wilson said the emergency access road was also washed out, but road crews came up with a short-term fix to get people out.

"The [Ministry of Transportation] was able to create a temporary evacuation route over the road with a culvert, but this was expected to fail within a few hours because it wasn't the appropriate size for the river," he said.

The washout also severed the hydro line to the park.

Wilson said they expect power to be restored early next week and hope to re-open the park next Wednesday.

In the meantime a few staff are staying on site to keep an eye on the infrastructure in the park.

City parks, streets re-open                     

Just in time for the weekend, the city is re-opening parks and trails that were flooded out earlier this week.

Chippewa Campground, the RV park and wildlife exhibit are all re-opened, as well as all the recreational trails in the city — except the one under the Edward Street bridge.

As for city streets, only two remain closed for repairs — a portion of Arundel near Toledo and the Kline Road extension.