The trial for Thunder Bay Police Constable Steven Oster began in Ontario Court today in Thunder Bay.

Oster faces a charge of common assault, after he allegedly bumped into a 12-year-old boy during a hockey tournament at the Neebing Arena in January of 2013.

A publication ban is in effect on the boy's name.

A taped statement, made by the complainant in 2013, was played before the court. In the taping, the youth speaks about how he had three separate encounters in a short period of time with Oster. On two occasions, Oster allegedly bumped into the youth, once with his shoulder and once with his elbow.

 The youth said he was told  to, 'watch out.' On the third contact, Oster allegedly put his hand on the youth's chest, and told him to, "watch for hitting from behind."

The complainant said he took this statement to mean he was a "dirty hockey player" and was upset by the comment.

The youth testified that he was not hurt, did not go to hospital and had no bruises.  He described the push as "not that hard."

Father hears what's going on

The youth's father testified that a friend told him what allegedly happened to his son. The father said he confronted Oster, and asked him if he had laid hands on his son. He told the court he asked the question nearly 10 times and Oster denied pushing  the youth.

The father stated that Oster told him he was concerned about bullying between his own son and the complainant.

 The complainant's father said he went to talk to his son about the alleged bullying in a dressing room.However, he said his son began to tear up and so the father went to find Oster to exchange contact information.

The two exchanged names, and the complainant's father then called police.

The trial is scheduled to last another two days, with the possibility of another four witnesses taking the stand.