A man is in hospital following an eight-hour rescue operation on Mount McKay, the Thunder Bay Fire Service said in a news release.

Thunder Bay Fire and Rescue received the call Saturday evening that a 24-year-old man had been stranded on the side of the mountain after attempting to use a speed wing, which is similar to a small parachute.

Superior North EMS said the man fell a distance of about 75 metres from the top of the mountain after his parachute failed to deploy.

The first responders were met on Chippewa Road by the man's brother, but were unable to spot the man from there.

Multiple injuries sustained

A crew then climbed the mountain on foot by the trail from the scenic lookout, and were able to make verbal contact with the man.

Crews brought rappelling gear to the top of the mountain, and two rescue technicians descended 100 metres to the man's location.

The man, who was conscious but sustained multiple injuries, was loaded onto a stretcher and lowered to the trail below. A small utility vehicle was brought in through the old ski resort to carry the man through the woods.

The extent of his injuries is not known at this time.