Environment Canada says it will continue to look like winter in the northwest until at least the end of the week as a snowfall warning stays in place for much of the region.

Meterologist Peter Kimbell said about 8 cm of snow fell in Thunder Bay Thursday morning and more is expected to come.

"There’s a lot more snow tonight, and tomorrow as well, so it's going to be a pretty long-lasting storm," he said.

"It's going to look like winter and feel like winter even though it is the 18th of April."

Kimbell said it's not unusual to have snowfall warnings in the northwest in April — but he noted the amount of snow the area is seeing is unusual.

Kimbell said Thunder Bay usually gets a total of 12.5 cm in April and about 40 cm have fallen this month so far.

"This is an extremely active day weather-wise across the province, all kinds of fun stuff happening," the warning preparedness meteorologist for Environment Canada said.

Currently, Environment Canada is monitoring tornado watches in Michigan, which is producing severe thunderstorm watches in southwestern Ontario. There is also heavy rainfall in North Bay and Sudbury and freezing rain in other parts of the northeast.

There could be up to 20 cm more snow by the time the system moves out of the northwest. Kimbell said the region could be close to breaking a 60-year old snowfall record for April.  In 1953, 79 cm of snow fell during that month.