A Kenora-area man worries about a pack of stray dogs in the community that he says are killing deer and posing a threat to residents.

Wayne Sykora said the dogs are roaming around his neighbourhood, near Laurenson Lake in Kenora.

"They started [killing] all the fawns, and they're working their way through from the fawns, and now they're going to the adult deer.”

injured deer in snow

A homeowner in Kenora wants the city to do something about a pack of stray dogs that's killing deer in his neighbourhood. Wayned Sykora says it's only a matter of time before the dogs turn on humans. (Supplied)

Sykora said the city of Kenora needs to catch the dogs, before it's too late.

"No one's been bitten, but it's only a matter of time. If you get between that deer and them dogs, there's going to be a world of hurt,” he said.

Kenora mayor David Canfield said animal control officers have dealt with this problem in the past and noted that stray dogs can be elusive.


Kenora Mayor David Canfield has captured wild dogs in the past "but it took a while ... they're smart ... and they know how to survive, so they also know how to get away." (Supplied)

"They're quite smart,” he said. “They know how to get away and they take off. So, it's a matter of catching them. We'll continue to try, but it's not an easy task. They're pretty sly dogs."

Canfield said anyone spotting the wild dogs should call animal control or the OPP.

“It might take a while, but, like the last ones, eventually, we will get them,” he said.

Sykora said he believes the stray dogs are coming from Wauzhushk Onigum First Nation, and travel across the Kenora Golf Course to enter the neighbourhood.


The deer attacks are happening around Laurenson Lake in Kenora, a neighbour says. (Google Maps)