Kingsway Park Public School has a new classroom, but it's no ordinary classroom.

The classroom, built by students from Queen Elizabeth District High, in Sioux Lookout, Ont. and will be used as an outdoor learning space by the Kingsway Park students.

"I think they're a great project for students to kind of put skills together and put something back to the community," said Matt Culham, construction teacher at Queen Elizabeth District High.

Sioux Lookout students

Fourteen students from Sioux Lookout came to Thunder Bay to assemble an outdoor classroom they made for Kingsway Park Public School. It took two semesters and is made of 74 pieces. (Jackie McKay/ CBC )

The timber frame building has been in progress since March and up to 60 students from different construction classes contributed in making the 74 pieces of the building.

Thursday and Friday, 14 students from Culham's Grade 11/12 class were in Thunder Bay working through the cold putting the building together. 

"It's good to give back and good to show other people what you can make." said Wylder George, a student from Sioux Lookout helping build the classroom.

The pieces were cut and fitted in the Sioux Lookout and were transported to Thunder Bay for assembly. Culham said that students did 95 per cent of the cutting to make this building. The building is a wooden frame and the roof will be put on by the Kingsway Park maintenance staff, said Culham. 

This isn't an unusual project for Culham's construction classes. They've made several signs for their community including the welcome to Sioux Lookout sign, one for a recreation centre, and will be making two more for the local shooting range and chamber of commerce. However, the classroom is the biggest project they've done.

Sioux Lookout students

Matt Culham gives his students from Sioux Lookout instructions on putting up the timber Frame classroom they've made for Kingsway Park Public School in Thunder Bay. (Jackie McKay/CBC )

"It's a unique program from anything I've heard in northwestern Ontario," said Darren Lentz, principal of Kingsway and Hyde Park Schools. Lentz use to work with Culham at Queen Elizabeth District High in Sioux Lookout and decided to collaborate on this project.

The former Vice Principal of Kingsway Park, Shannon Jessiman MacArthur, secured funds for the project through Ontario Power Generation, who donated $10,000 to project, according to Lentz. It helped pay for the lumber and transportation to Thunder Bay.

"That's the beauty of this partnership, it's students building for students," said Lentz.

The classroom will be used by all students at Kingsway Park and though the classroom isn't insulated, Lentz said his students are usually willing to come outside anytime of the year.

"I think it's amazing for them to see all their hard work come together." said Culham.