In an effort to teach students using the technology with which they are most familiar, the Keewatin-Patricia District Schoolboard is investing in laptops and iPads for most of its students.

This fall, every student between Grade 4 and Grade 12 will receive a laptop and the board will offer up one iPad for every four students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 3.

"Our world is not going to have any less technology in it in years to come," said Jack McMaster, the board's director of education.

"More and more students have access to their own technology. I see boards of education becoming more involved in the technology side of things."

Students will receive training on the proper use of the equipment and will be able to use them during class. At some schools, students will be able to bring the laptops home.

McMaster said the laptops change how students learn.

"Learning becomes instantaneous. Teachers are finding that they don't have to be the all-encompassing knowledge vessel," he said. "The technology allows the kids to access the internet and access the world, for that matter."

The board spent close to $2.5 million on the new technology.