A judge has ordered that a 24-year-old woman spend the next two years serving a conditional sentence in the community.

Samantha Drake pleaded guilty in December to accessory to murder after the fact and indignity to a dead body.

Court was told she had assisted Leif Hobson after he killed 66-year-old Edgar Marion at his North Algoma Street apartment in 2009. Hobson was sentenced to life in prison last year, for second degree murder.

Superior Court Justice Bruce Fitzpatrick agreed Thursday with a joint submission from defence lawyer David Dubinsky and Crown Attorney Dan Mitchell.

Drake has strict orders attached to her sentence. She can only leave her residence to see her children, must abide by an absolute curfew, and cannot associate with anybody considered undesirable.

After serving 12 months of the sentence, Drake's curfew could change to allow her to be in the community on weekdays, during business hours.

Justice Fitzpatrick noted Drake has two young children, a three year old and a nine month old.

Her lawyer also noted she has contacted a detox centre, and has an appointment for an assessment next week.