The gas bar at Ryden's Border Store, just across the Pigeon River border crossing near Thunder Bay, Ont., was the top seller of tickets in the state of Minnesota for this week's record Powerball draw.

The reason? Canadians looking to get rich.

The co-owner and manager at the gas station told CBC News that, in the week leading up to the draw, her business was teeming with customers — almost all of them from north of the border.

"We were pretty much stuck right at the tills and we couldn't do anything else," Debbie Bakke said.

"Just me and my brother were here about 12-13 hours a day, [for] about a week straight."

Ryden's Border Store

The gas bar at Ryden's just across the Pigeon River border crossing from Thunder Bay saw a huge influx of customers before the latest U.S. Powerball lottery draw. (Facebook)

The flood of customers also helped her business as many people bought gas and other merchandise, Bakke said. 

The Minneapolis Airport usually sells the most lottery tickets in the state, she noted.

"I wasn't surprised actually by how busy we were ... it was kind of neat though," she said.

"Of course we don't get anything for [being the top seller] but we get acknowledged."

About 15 years ago there was another large Powerball draw that brought in a lot of customers to Ryden's, Bakke said, but this time "we crushed that record."

Things have calmed down since.

There were no Canadians among the lottery's three big winners Wednesday.  They hailed from Tennessee, California and Florida.