The Chief of Marten Falls First Nation says the recently released guidelines for an environmental assessment in the Ring of Fire aren't enough.

The government document outlines the rules Cliffs Natural Resources will follow to demonstrate the impact of its planned chromite mine north of Geraldton. It also says the federal government will delegate its duty to consult with First Nations on the mining project to Cliffs.

Eli Moonias said he understands mining will go ahead, but wants it done right.

'Let's make sure we're making the right decision' —Eli Moonias, Chief of Marten Falls First Nation

"I ride an aluminum canoe and my motor is a Mercury, it's made out of metal, and my tea pot in the morning is aluminum, so is my cup, so I'm living with the mining process," Moonias said. "So I can't say ‘alright let's stop everything, stop the mine, don't mine anymore.'"

"What I can say is, let's do it this way, let's do this long process, let's make sure we're making the right decision."

Marten Falls is part of a court action to force a more thorough environmental review. It is one of the communities located closest to the development.

Moonias said it's the Crown's duty to consult with the First Nation and to make sure the environment is protected.

"That's the government's job to provide that process which provides that assurance," he said.