Balmertown Olympic hopeful Eric Radford will see a familiar face in the stands for the final round of the new team figure skating event at Sochi 2014.

His brother — Red Lake chiropractor Richard Radford — is en route to Sochi to cheer on his younger brother.

"I've been getting texts from Eric and he just says the atmosphere is amazing, it's special,” he said.

Richard Radford

Richard Radford, a chiropractor in Red Lake, is expected to arrive in Sochi, Russia on Friday to cheer on his brother, figure skater Eric Radford. (Supplied)

“So we can't wait to get over there and just experience the Olympics and ... support him and cheer him on."

Radford said he never doubted making the 8,500-kilometre trek from Red Lake to Sochi.

"For me, there was never a question. My brother's there, I'm going," he said.

Radford said media reports of terrorist threats "makes you think twice," but he feels safe taking his family to Sochi.

They are expected to land in Sochi about 10 a.m. ET.

Eric Radford and his skating partner Meagan Duhamel sit in second place after one round of the team figure skating event.

Richard Radford said it was apparent from an early age that his younger brother was talented.

"When we used to go to these competitions, I'd get dragged along with my parents. These people would come up and say, 'Your son's got talent. He's really good’.”

Richard said he was never a skater growing up. He swam competitively as a kid, but never had the interest in skating that Eric did.

"We didn't really know too much about the figure skating world," he added. "We didn't really have a reference point. He was the only male skater here."