Damaged e-bike

Justice Bruyere's brand new e-bike was destroyed in a head-on collision Aug. 1. Police are appealing to the driver who hit him to come forward. (Justice Bruyere )

Several Thunder Bay residents are chipping in to help buy a new electric bicycle for a teenager whose bike was wrecked when he was hit by a car.

"We have had people dropping off money for him to put away for a bike. Greg Tinsley started a GoFundMe campaign ...  Kim Kamstra, they run the reptile exhibit at the CLE every year, they're putting up a donation box.  As well as one dollar from every reptile animal shoot they do will be donated to Justice," said the teen's mother, Tami Bruyere. 

"I was telling my son yesterday that O.K., you had one really awful experience with one...person, but look at the response you had after. He finally understands the city with the giant heart motto," Bruyere said.

Justice Bruyere has special needs and uses the e-bike because he can't get a driver's license, his mother said.

She said the accident left him with a broken arm. 

"Thankfully he was wearing a really good helmet so he didn't hit his head," Bruyere added.  "He's pretty shaken up."

Police appeal to driver to come forward

The 16-year-old was on his way to a summer placement at the Regional Food Distribution Association when police say a woman driving a blue, four-door car collided with his e-bike head-on.   

The accident happened Friday around 8 a.m. on Cumming Street near McKenzie Street.

The teen was thrown from the bike and landed under a parked truck, his mother said. 

The driver left the scene. 

Police and Bruyere are appealing to her to come forward. 

"The woman that was driving that hit my son, at this point we assume she would have had to have confided in somebody, whether she was talking to a friend or told a family member.  Most people have a conscience, and this has to be bothering her too," said Bruyere.